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ROHM Semiconductor
2SC4672 50V, 2A power transistor
other parts : 2SA1797  C4672  A1797  
2SC4672 PDF
Weitron Technology
2SC4672 Low Frequency Transistor (50V/ 3A)

1. Low saturation voltage, typically
    Vce(sat) =0.35V at IC/IB=1A/50mA.

2. Excellent DC current gain characteristics.

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2SC4672 PDF
Shenzhen Jin Yu Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
2SC4672 Low Frequency Transistor (50V/ 3A) 2SC4672 PDF
ROHM Semiconductor
2SC4672T100Q TRANS NPN 50V 2A SOT-89 2SC4672T100Q PDF
ROHM Semiconductor
2SC4672T100P TRANS NPN 50V 2A SOT-89 2SC4672T100P PDF
Unisonic Technologies
2SC4672-AB3-R 2SC4097 / 2SC1741S 2SC4672-AB3-R PDF
Unisonic Technologies
2SC4672-X-AB3-R 2SC4097 / 2SC1741S 2SC4672-X-AB3-R PDF


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