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Analog Devices
ADXL202AQC Low Cost ±2 g/±10 g Dual Axis iMEMS® Accelerometers with Digital Output

The ADXL202/ADXL210 are low cost, low power, complete 2-axis accelerometers with a measurement range of either ±2 g/±10 g. The ADXL202/ADXL210 can measure both dynamic acceleration (e.g., vibration) and static acceleration (e.g., gravity).

2-Axis Acceleration Sensor on a Single IC Chip
Measures Static Acceleration as Well as Dynamic Acceleration
Duty Cycle Output with User Adjustable Period
Low Power <0.6 mA
Faster Response than Electrolytic, Mercury or Thermal Tilt Sensors
Bandwidth Adjustment with a Single Capacitor Per Axis
5 mg Resolution at 60 Hz Bandwidth
+3 V to +5.25 V Single Supply Operation
1000 g Shock Survival

2-Axis Tilt Sensing
Computer Peripherals
Inertial Navigation
Seismic Monitoring
Vehicle Security Systems
Battery Powered Motion Sensing


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