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NXP Semiconductors.
BCP68-25 20 V, 2 A NPN medium power transistors

General description
NPN medium power transistor series in Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic packages.

Features and benefits
■ High current
■ Two current gain selections
■ High power dissipation capability
■ Exposed heatsink for excellent thermal and electrical conductivity (SOT89, SOT1061)
■ Leadless very small SMD plastic package with medium power capability (SOT1061)
■ AEC-Q101 qualified

■ Linear voltage regulators
■ Power management
■ Low-side switches
■ MOSFET drivers
■ Battery-driven devices
■ Amplifiers

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BCP68-25 PDF
Infineon Technologies
BCP68-25 NPN silicon AF transistor
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BCP68-25 PDF
Zetex => Diodes
BCP68-25 NPN silicon planar medium power transistor
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BCP68-25 PDF
NXP Semiconductors.
BCP68-25,115 TRANS NPN 20V 2A SOT223 BCP68-25,115 PDF
NXP Semiconductors.
BCP68-25,135 TRANSISTOR NPN 20V 1A SOT223 BCP68-25,135 PDF
Infineon Technologies
BCP68-25E6327 TRANSISTOR NPN AF 20V SOT-223 BCP68-25E6327 PDF


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