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ROHM Semiconductor
BU2092F_OLD 12-bit, serial IN, parallel OUT driver

The BU2090, BU2090F, BU2090FS, BU2092, BU2092F, and BU2092FV are 12-bit serial input, parallel output drivers.
For the BU2090 / F / FS, data input is shifted to the 12-bit internal shift register on the rising edge of a clock pulse.
On the falling edge of the pulse, if the DATA pin is HIGH, the data in the shift register is output in parallel to Q0 to Q11.
For the BU2092 / F / FV, shift data read at the rising edge of CLOCK is output in parallel to Q0 to Q11 at the rising edge of LCK. These ICs also have an OE pin, which when HIGH, forces data to be output, regardless of the shift data state.

• Features
1) Low power dissipation.
2) Operating voltages ranging from 2.7 to 5.5V.
3) Output is Nch open drain.
4) High output withstand voltage of + 25V.
5) Diverse variety of packages.
   BU2090 / F / FS: DIP16, SOP16, SSOP-A16
   BU2092 / F / FV: DIP18, SOP18, SSOP-A18 (plastic molds)
6) High drive capability; direct lighting of green LED possible.

• Applications
   Radio cassette players, telephones, compact audio systems, car stereos, and others

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