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Sony Semiconductor
CXK581000AM-55SL 131072-word × 8-bit High Speed CMOS Static RAM

The CXK581000ATM/AYM/AM/AP is a high speed CMOS static RAM organized as 131072-words by 8 bits.
A polysilicon TFT cell technology realized extremely low stand- by current and higher data retention stability. Special feature are low power consumption, high speed and broad package line-up.
The CXK581000ATM/AYM/AM/AP ia a suitable RAM for portable equipment with battery back up.

• Fast access time:
CXK581000ATM/AYM/AM/AP (Access time)
          -55LL/55SL 55ns (Max.)
          -70LL/70SL 70ns (Max.)
          -10LL/10SL 100ns (Max.)
• Low standby current:
          -55LL/70LL/10LL 20µA (Max.)
          -55SL/70SL/10SL 12µA (Max.)
• Low data retention current
         -55LL/70LL/10LL 12µA (Max.)
         -55SL/70SL/10SL 4µA (Max.)
• Single +5V supply: +5V ±10%
• Low voltage data retention: 2.0V (Min.)
• Broad package line-up
• CXK581000ATM/AYM 8mm × 20mm 32 pin TSOP package
• CXK581000AM 525mil 32 pin SOP package
• CXK581000AP 600mil 32 pin DIP package

131072-word × 8-bit static RAM

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CXK581000AM-55SL PDF


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