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Motorola => Freescale
MC14LC5002FB 72-Segment / 128-Segment LCD Drivers CMOS

The MC14LC5003/5004 are 128-segment,  multiplexed-by-four LCD Drivers. The MC14LC5002 is the same as MC14LC5003 except for 72 segments. The three devices are functionally the same except for their data input protocols. The MC14LC5002/5003 use a serial interface data input protocol. The devices may be interfaced to the MC68HCXX product families using a minimal amount of software (see example). The MC14LC5004 has a IIC interface and has essentially the same protocol, except that the device sends an acknowledge bit back to the transmitter after each eight-bit byte is received. MC14LC5004 also has a “read mode”, whereby data sent to the device may be retrieved via the IIC bus.

• Drives 72 Segments Per MC14LC5002’s Package
• Drives 128 Segments Per MC14LC5003/5004’s Package
• May Be Used with the Following LCDs: Segmented Alphanumeric,Bar Graph, Dot Matrix, Custom
• Quiescent Supply Current: 30 µA @ 2.7 V VDD
• Operating Voltage Range: 2.7 to 5.5 V
• Operating Temperature Range: - 40 to 85°C
• Separate Access to LCD Drive Section’s Supply Voltage to Allow for Temperature Compensation
• See Application Notes AN1066 and AN442

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